Quantum Computing With an Example of Coin – SQL in Sixty Seconds #094

Quantum Computing With an Example of Coin - SQL in Sixty Seconds #094 94-Quantum-800x449 Quantum Computing is the next wave in computing and it is very different from traditional computing. Lots of people often ask me what is Quantum Computing. I decided to build a short video based on Quantum Computing with an example of a coin. I use the coin as a prop to explain how Quantum computing works.

The Coin Flip Example and Quantum Computing

We will start our coin flip experiment with a coin having the heads side up. There are going to be three opportunities to flip the coin. Remember, I said flip and not the toss. The first and third turn is by computer and it is programmed to always flip the coin. The second turn is of human and they have the opportunity to make a decision if they want to flip the coin or not. Now the game is won by computer if the final outcome is heads and won by a human if the final outcome is tails. Additionally, human and computer both have no idea what moves each of them are doing.

Quantum Computing With an Example of Coin - SQL in Sixty Seconds #094 quantumcoin

Now the question is as following

What is the probability of the outcome that coin has heads side up after the final flip by a computer?

Classic Computers

Classic computers or the computers which we are using today use 0 or 1 to do the computation. This is because the modern computer is based on electrical input which is ON or OFF. So in the case of the modern computer, the chances of winning are 50%.

Quantum Computers

The quantum computers follow their own algorithms and its own physics which is known as Quantum Physics. In the case of Quantum Computers, the chances of winning for computers is almost around 100%. I am sure this may be confusing to you but honestly, it is not. Quantum computers will win it 100% of the time because it does not think in terms of 0 and 1 bits but rather thinks in terms of Qubits which are unit of computer computing.

In today’s video I have explained the same with the help of a simple example of the coin flip and also I have run a few real-world experiments on the quantum computer and also got the same results. I will be blogging about the quantum phenomena in the future. However, today’s video is a great start on the journey.

I am looking forward to your feedback and comments.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

Quantum Computing, SQL in Sixty Seconds
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