Need Your Feedback – SQL in the Sixty Seconds Video – Oct, 2020

Need Your Feedback - SQL in the Sixty Seconds Video - Oct, 2020 yourfeedback-800x295 I have been putting SQL in the Sixty Seconds video on YouTube recently based on the request of my client  Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. I have been receiving lots of good and lots of critical feedback about them. After reading all of them, I believe I should ask for your feedback as you have seen me blogging for so many years.

The feedback which I need the most is to understand what kind of video should I do moving forward.  I often find my prediction to be incorrect about the video’s popularity. I see some video great even if I have not expected them to do well. There have been some videos that I have built with lots of effort and passion and they do not do well.

So here are my three questions to you. If you find my videos useful, I request your feedback.

Q 1) Which one of the following videos is your favorite and why?

Q2) Do you like Intro and Outro of the video or should I remove them?

Here are my recent videos. Let me know what you think about them.

Please leave a comment in your feedback section. I am very curious to know what you think of the videos.

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SQL in Sixty Seconds
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