How to Download the Latest SQL Server Docker Image? – Interview Question of the Week #244

Question: How to Download the Latest SQL Server Docker Image?

How to Download the Latest SQL Server Docker Image? - Interview Question of the Week #244 dockerdownload-800x236

Answer: The command to download the latest SQL Server Docker Image is here:

docker pull

However, if you are reading this blog post only, I think the command alone will not make sense. I strongly suggest that you go and read my earlier blog posts which describe how to get started with the docker. Here are the blog posts:

  • SQL SERVER – How to Get Started with Docker Containers with Latest SQL Server?
    This is one of the most important steps and I will say this is very easy as well. First, go to the Docker Store and download the Docker for Windows Community Edition (CE). You will have to register for the store to download the image. Once you download the msi file, you can install the Linux containers on your windows edition. I was initially very much worried if I will be able to run this or not but trust me you do not need any Linux knowledge to get started.
  • SQL SERVER – Docker Volume and Persistent Storage
    One of the most popular questions I keep on receiving was what happens when we have to patch or upgrade SQL Server. Well, that is a fantastic question. In today’s blog, I will explain to you how we can get Docker Volume and Persistent Storage.
  • Docker – Running SQL Server Image Without Running Pull Command
    I have been using Docker for a while to run the latest CTP of SQL Server 2019 and it has been so far amazing ride to use the product. Every time when new CTP is released, I learn something new with Docker. This time I learn that I can just run SQL Server Image without running pull command. Let us discuss it in this blog post.
  • SQL SERVER – Quickly Upgrade Your SQL Server
    If you are using SQL Server and the biggest challenge you have is how to upgrade your SQL Server quickly and efficiently, I suggest you try out docker instead of VM. I think it is very efficient and easy. Additionally, instead of spending a lot of time in upgrading your SQL Server, you will save a lot of time in just using Docker.

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