SQL SERVER – Quickly Upgrade Your SQL Server

SQL SERVER - Quickly Upgrade Your SQL Server upgrade While going through my blog, I found few blog posts which are no longer relevant and will just confuse users so I am updating them with the latest information over here. In this blog post, I will quickly talk about how you can use Docker to quickly upgrade your SQL Server quickly.

If you are using SQL Server and the biggest challenge you have is how to upgrade your SQL Server quickly and efficiently, I suggest you try out docker instead of VM. I think it is very efficient and easy. Additionally, instead of spending a lot of time in upgrading your SQL Server, you will save a lot of time in just using Docker.

Here is the blog post where I explain the concept in detail:

SQL SERVER – Docker Volume and Persistent Storage
I have received some rave reviews of my article on SQL SERVER – How to Get Started with Docker Containers with Latest SQL Server?. It was amazing to hear that people really get started after reading my article on docker. One of the most popular questions I keep on receiving was what happens when we have to patch or upgrade SQL Server. Well, that is a fantastic question. In today’s blog, I will explain to you how we can get Docker Volume and Persistent Storage.

SQL SERVER – How to Get Started with Docker Containers with Latest SQL Server?
Just last week, I had to present at SQLBits in Manchester, UK and I used Docker Containers for my SQL Server Presentations. I am an experienced presenter and I usually practice multiple times before I get on the stage to present on any subject. However, a day before the presentation, due to some reason, my docker container did not work and I had to redo my entire container. This is where the problems started for me.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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