Fun Video – Real World Performance Solutions by Bert

Fun Video - Real World Performance Solutions by Bert bertvideo Today, I am very happy to share a fun video about class Real World Performance Solutions. I was very fortunate that I got the opportunity to build this video with Bert Wagner. He is truly a talented SQL Server expert and amazingly creative with the videos. I have never seen in my life anyone so versatile with creative with educational videos. Before we continue talking about this one, let us see the video which we have built together.

Bert and I had lots of fun building this video together. The best part was that we built this video at a different time and while we were in on different continent. Trust me this video is built without talking to each other live. I really enjoyed the experience of Asynchronous Filming and during the process, I learned a lot from Bert.

You can read the entire behind the scene stories about building this funny video here: Pinal Dave Helps Me Fix My Performance Tuning Problems. After reading his behind the story notes, I figured out that there is one thing common between us – we both follow our wife’s advice. I guess that is the real secret behind our success.

Next Action:

I have two action Items for you today.

Action 1: If you want to learn how to solve real-world performance problems, you can sign up for my upcoming class. I present this class with the help of world-renowned SQL Server Expert Brent Ozar. You can read the review of the course here.

Action 2: Sign up for Bert’s YouTube Channel. I have been watching Bert’s content for a while and learning a lot of new stuff. Bert has a unique ability to teach us something very complex in very simple words.

Reference: Pinal Dave (


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