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Free Video - SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy 24hours-800x450 SQL Server Performance Tuning is not as difficult as most of the people think. Actually, SQL Server performance tuning is very easy and simple, if you exactly know what to do and when to do. Well, that is what is the theme of the free webinar which I have done for 24 Hours of PASS.

It is absolutely free video and I talk about some of the coolest SQL Server new features for performance tuning. I answered few questions at the end of the session as well. Do not miss to attend the same.

Every new release of SQL Server brings a whole load of new features that an administrator can add to their arsenal of efficiency. SQL Server 2016 / 2017 has introduced many new features. In this 55 minute session, we will be learning quite a few of the new features of SQL Server 2016 / 2017. Here is the glimpse of the features we will cover in this session.

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  1. 21 Essential Scripts: Jump-Start Performance Tuning for Accidental DBAs – PASS Pre-Con 2018
    This is one of the most awaited pre-conference where I teach whole day about SQL Server Performance Tuning. If you are going to be at SQLPASS 2018, you do not want to miss to attend this pre-conference. You can click here to register for the session.

  2. Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Live Class with Brent Ozar
    One of the most successful launches in my life. Brent and I had initially launched 3 classes for various timezone and it was amazing to see the responses for them. We pretty much sold out in no time and after increasing the class size, we were not able to accommodate everyone. The most encouraging part of this training is the how much attendees can learn in just 4 hours. You can read over 34 Five Star Reviews (when I wrote this blog post) and decide. You can click here to register for the session.

  3. SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop
    If you are not going to be at SQLPASS 2018 in Seattle or have not signed up for my online live training class. You can still opt for my in-person live customized SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop. The workshops are specifically crafted for you as well as your organization. Remember, it is not your old school boring theory class, it is fun, interactive and live class where we become friends and learn something together. You can click here to register for the session.

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  • Hi Iam sreedhar.

    I have question :
    We have two Servers with different Specs like RAM/Processor

    Server1:Ram:32GB and Processosrs 2*8 Core
    Server2:Ram:64GB and Processosrs 2*16 Core

    Databse is same in both servers with Same Versions and Compatability levels.

    Stats also upto date.

    When we execute SQL execution plans are different and execution time is different.

    Server1 Execution time is :1Sec
    Server2 Execution time is :3Sec

    I would like to know what are causes.

    I have done all comparisons.

    No Clue.

  • Please check with indexes and with waiting task while query running

  • may be index mismatch and please check waiting task while executing query


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