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Free Video Learning - Practical Real World Performance Tuning Practical_Real_World_Performance_Tuning Earlier I wrote a few blog post about my experience with Practical Real World Performance Tuning. I have so far presented the session 4 times and I had an amazing response to my training. When I am writing this one there are over 37 positive 5 stars feedbacks. In this blog post, we will explore free video learning.

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The training was paid training but quite a few of the members asked if they can learn at least some portion for FREE. I am including here my videos which I have included as a part of the free video learning.

3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance with Pinal Dave


Here is another free learning video which I recorded for 24 hours of SQLPASS.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy


If you liked my free learning video, you may always enjoy Practical Workshop for Performance Tuning (3-4 Hours). It is very much high impact and an action-oriented training session. The motto of the training is No PowerPoint, 100% Demonstration.

Fun Video – Asynchronous Shoot

I have built this 5 minutes fun video with Bert, which is actually shot asynchronously. We had lots of fun building this video.


Please note that this video is just a small portion of the original training. If you are interested in the training, you can either reach out to me directly here or can sign up for the training directly here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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