SQLAuthority News – 10 SQL in Sixty Days Video in 10 Days – Contest to Win 10 Cool Gifts

SQLAuthority News - 10 SQL in Sixty Days Video in 10 Days - Contest to Win 10 Cool Gifts sqlbasics

SQL in Sixty Seconds series has received a very high appreciation in the community. I have been posting every month 3 or 4 new videos in this series but the popularity of the SQL in Sixty Seconds is such that I am constantly receiving emails requesting new videos in this series. Recently I had teamed up with Rick Morelan (Joes 2 Pros fame) to build 10 videos in this SQL in Sixty Seconds series. We had a fantastic response to this video and we have crossed over 3200 subscribers and over 300,000 views in our YouTube Channel. If you have not subscribed to YouTube Channel, please subscribe now as we will have many interesting videos coming up in near future.

Here is the list of all the 10 videos which we have posted earlier which are very well received in the community. Now to take this entire thing to the next level – here is a quick contest. Please tell us which is your favorite video out of the 10 videos and why? If your choice matches the choice of Rick and Myself (Pinal) – we will give you a free copy of our latest book SQL Basics. You can get that in Paperback (USA) and Kindle (Worldwide). Additionally, not only 1 copy but we will have 10 winners for the contest. In case of a tie we will select the winner based on the WHY? 

SQL Basics Video: SQL 2012 Certification Path – SQL in Sixty Seconds #065

SQL Basics Video: What Are Filegroups – SQL in Sixty Seconds #064

SQL Basics Video: Database Datafiles and Logfiles – SQL in Sixty Seconds #063

SQL Basics Video: Database Careers – SQL in Sixty Seconds #062

SQL Basics Video: SQL Code Generators – SQL in Sixty Seconds #061

SQL Basics Video: Using Management Studio – SQL in Sixty Seconds #060

SQL Basics Video: Code Comments – SQL in Sixty Seconds #059

SQL Basics Video: Joining Tables – SQL in Sixty Seconds #058

SQL Basics Video: Running SQL Code – SQL in Sixty Seconds #057

SQL Basics Video: Data and Information in Businesses – SQL in Sixty Seconds #056

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • My favorite video is SQL Basics Video: SQL Code Generators – SQL in Sixty Seconds #061. So often I have developers ask me how to get a change script for the table changes that they are using, and I refer them to this feature. Also, this feature has a ton of intrinsic benefits. If you’re new in SQL Server and mostly accustomed to the SSMS user interface, but sill learing T-SQL, you can see the impact of your changes and the actual code that would be executed. One more thing, some table changes to a table will time out using the table design feature of SSMS, such as making a change to the primary key. If you generate the script, and then execute it you no longer have to worry about getting a timeout error.

  • I had posted a reply with my favorite video, but I don’t see any replies to this thread. It might be that replies to this thread aren’t viewable?

  • “SQL Basics Video: SQL Code Generators – SQL in Sixty Seconds #061”
    Its looking like simple concept but very useful in live environment because its allow generate sql script quickly to implement changes at client side…

  • I like “Database Careers”.

  • Hi Pinal,
    Yes “SQL Code generators” is good in the SQL Server…. I like to watch “SQL Code generators” video.
    Actually I’m working on SQL Server & DB2 databases…. The “Code Generation” options in the SSMS are very useful for script preparations and all whereas other DB tools have very less options for script generation/preparation point of view

  • My favorite video is “SQL Basics Video: Database Careers – SQL in Sixty Seconds #062”


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