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Every year around September 1st, I have decided to do something cool. This is because September 1st is my daughter Shaivi’s birthday. In previous years, I have released my new books as well new courses on this day.  This year I have done something similar for her. I like to work hard and dedicate my efforts to my family as they are the one who provides me unconditional support to do various activities for the community.

Journey to Learn MySQL Indexing in 99 Minutes

SQLAuthority News - Learn MySQL Indexing in 99 Minutes - MySQL Indexing for Performance - Video Course 99-mins Indexes are considered to be sure solution for Performance tuning but it has two sides of the story. A good index can improve performance of your query and bad index can degrade the performance of the query. I have build a course around MySQL indexing where I explain how to create indexes which improves the performances of the MySQL Query by many folds. Indexing is such a subject that I can talk about this subject for many days and still I will have more material to share. However, I had decided to build a course which is very sharp and to the point. I wanted to make sure that with the help of this course one can learn all the major points of MySQL indexes in very short period of the time.

While I was building this course – I had put a threshold that I will not build a very long boring course. I wanted to make sure that I build a crisp course which addresses the need of the hour and teach the most efficient methods to improve performance of the query. It took me more than 3 weeks to build all the material I wanted to cover in this course. Once I have build the material the real challenge was on, I wanted to make sure that I build a course which is basic enough for a novice to understand but advanced enough that an expert can learn various tricks as well. I wanted to balance the course for every level as well as I wanted to make sure that the pace of the course is good enough for everyone to keep up with it.

Finally, after long hours and many days of work, I finalized the content of the course which just is the right fit for everybody – a novice who does not know anything about index as well an expert who already have a clear idea about the index.  I had pretty much mapped out every single minute of the course with the demo and slide. As per my estimate the course should have not gone over 100 minutes. When I was done with the course, I was extremely delighted as the entire course was recorded in 99 minutes – YES, only 99 minutes. I have previously recorded many courses but this course was built with perfection in the seconds of the time.

You can learn MySQL Performance Tuning with the help of Indexing in 99 minutes.

Course Content

Here is the course outline which I have built to learn MySQL Indexing. You can watch this course by creating free trial at Pluralsight. If you do not see the play button to the watch the course, please login to the Pluralsight with your valid credentials.

  • MySQL Indexing for Performance
    • Introduction
  • Types of Indexes
    • Introduction
    • InnoDB vs MyISAM
    • B-Tree Index
    • Advantages of B-Tree Index
    • Clustered Index
    • Advantages of Clustered Index
    • Disadvantages of Clustered Index
    • Secondary Index
    • Building Clustered B-Tree
    • Building Secondary Index B-Tree
    • InnoDB Clustered Table
    • Hash Index
    • Limitation of Hash Index
    • Adaptive Hash Index
    • Building Hash Index
    • Other Indexes
    • Summary in Sixty Seconds
  • Indexing Strategies for High Performance
    • Introduction
    • Effectiveness of Index
    • Demo: List Indexes
    • Demo: Basics of Indexes
    • Demo: Order of Columns in Index
    • Demo: Optimize OR Conditions
    • Demo: Optimize OR Conditions – Advanced
    • Demo: Optimize AND Conditions
    • Demo: Optimize AND Conditions – Advanced
    • Demo: Cover Index
    • Demo: Clustered Index
    • Demo: Index Hints
    • Summary in Sixty Seconds
  • Index Maintenance
    • Introduction
    • MySQL Query Optimizer
    • Statistics
    • InnoDB Statistics
    • Data and Index Fragmentation
    • Index Maintenance
    • Other Index Maintenance Tips
    • Summary in Sixty Seconds
  • Checklists
    • Checklists

Watch Video Course

Click here to watch the MySQL Indexing for Performance video course.

SQLAuthority News - Learn MySQL Indexing in 99 Minutes - MySQL Indexing for Performance - Video Course mysqlindex

As an author of this course, I have few free codes to watch this course. Please leave a comment to watch this course and I will send a few of the readers a free card to watch this course. You can also request the free code on my Facebook page as I am very active there.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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