SQL SERVER – SQL Basics Video: Using Management Studio – SQL in Sixty Seconds #060

SQL SERVER - SQL Basics Video: Using Management Studio - SQL in Sixty Seconds #060 sqlbasics This is the 5th post out of my 10 post series of my videos on my 10th book – SQL Basics. Today will show the importance of data and information.

You can get that in Paperback (USA) and Kindle (Worldwide).

By now you have written several queries. This means you have opened SQL Server Management Studio and then opened a query window to write your code. Once it came time to execute your code you can do so by pressing F5 or clicking the Execute button. Management Studio connects to your server and provides you handy tools to manage your databases. You even have the Object Explorer to browse all the parts of your server to see what is present. But what if one of your windows is gone? Or what if you are doing a presentation and the fonts are too small to be seen in the back of the room? You can customize the look and feel of Management Studio to your liking. This blog post will show you how to navigate the common windows in Management Studio.

SQL in Sixty Seconds Video

We have attempted to explain the same subject in simple words over in following video.

Action Item

Get the book for yourself and your friend. This is just a reference everyone must have it.

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Available in Paperback (USA), Kindle (Worldwide) 

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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