SQL SERVER – A Quick Look at Performance – A Quick Look at Configuration

SQL SERVER - A Quick Look at Performance - A Quick Look at Configuration TSQL2sDay

This blog post is written in response to the T-SQL Tuesday post of Tips and Tricks. For me, this is a very interesting subject. I perfectly enjoy a discussion when it is about performance tuning. I commonly get follow-up questions regarding this subject, but most of them do not give the complete information about their environment.

Whenever I get a question which does not have complete information but is obviously requesting for my help, my initial reaction is to ask more questions. When I ask more details, I usually get more questions from them rather than the details I was asking for. Indeed, this is an endless loop. I prefer to resolve a query or a problem quickly, easily and accurately so that there is no more confusion or further problems in the future.

Here is the method I follow: I send people who request my help a couple of SQL Server scripts and ask them to run these scripts on their system. Once they send me the results,  I would then have a good idea on what the status of their system is.

Here are a couple of scripts which I usually request them to run on their respective machines and get back to me with results in Excel.

1) System Configuration

FROM sys.configurations

2) Filename and Paths of Database

SELECT DB_NAME([database_id])AS [DBName],
name, physical_name, type_desc, state_desc,
CONVERT( bigint, size/128.0) [SizeinMB] FROM sys.master_files
ORDER BY DB_NAME([database_id])

3) Capturing Wait Types and Wait Stats Information at Interva

You can review the script mentioned in my earlier blog post over here.

Honestly, there is a lot of information one needs to solve a query, but this is how I start and get all the basic information from the questioner. Once I get these, I review the results and continue to ask more questions or help right away if I am able to reach the root cause of the issue.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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