SQL SERVER – MS TechNet : Storage Top 10 Best Practices

This one of the very interesting article I read regarding SQL Server 2005 Storage. Please refer original article at MS TechNet here.

  • Understand the IO characteristics of SQL Server and the specific IO requirements / characteristics of your application.
  • More / faster spindles are better for performance.
  • Try not to “over” optimize the design of the storage; simpler designs generally offer good performance and more flexibility.
  • Validate configurations prior to deployment.
  • Always place log files on RAID 1+0 (or RAID 1) disks.
  • Isolate log from data at the physical disk level.
  • Consider configuration of TEMPDB database.
  • Lining up the number of data files with CPU’s has scalability advantages for allocation intensive workloads.
  • Don’t overlook some of SQL Server basics.
  • Don’t overlook storage configuration bases.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com) , MS TechNet .

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  • Hello Pinal,

    Question for you. What’s the best way to exploit MAXDOP on hyper-threaded server (4 CPUs)? I want to use all the resources available without worrying about deadlocks. I am processing millions of records (job executing a stored procedure).

    Please share any comments you have …

    Thank you.

    S. Desai


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