SQLAuthority News – Virtual Presentation on Practical Tricks and Tips to Speed up Database Queries – December 15, 2011

SQLAuthority News - Virtual Presentation on Practical Tricks and Tips to Speed up Database Queries - December 15, 2011 performancestandout Performance tuning has been my favorite subject and any time when I have to present on this subject, this itself gives me tremendous pleasure as well. I am always excited to present something new on this topic. Virtual Tech Days is just here around the corner and I am going to present about performance tuning subject once again. However, I am going to focus that instead of theory, I will talk about the practical aspect of the performance tuning and share tips which one can use right away.

Sessions Details

Title: Practical Tricks and Tips to Speed up Database Queries
Timing: December 15, 2011 1:45pm – 2:45pm IST
In this session I am going to discuss various performance tuning related techniques. Here is the agenda of the session.

  • A Quick Start on Performance
  • Denali T-SQL Enhancements
  • Timeless Best Practices
  • The Superlative Performance

Each of the above topics will be associated with very practical solid demo. I am sure you will absolutely enjoy the session.


During my session I will ask a simple question. I will give away 5 copies of my SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers books to five random person who will answer it correctly (more details in the session). If you have already have this book, I strongly suggest you attend this session as this session will take the performance tuning concepts to next level. I will make sure that I autograph and send this copies to your way.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Pinal – that’s right in the time that my wife has claimed as ‘her time’. Is there a possibility of a podcast/vidcast afterwards? Pretty please!

  • I am very much keen on attending this session. How can i attend this one..

  • i am ready for this !!!

  • how can i join here?

  • Kotha Praveen Kumar
    December 12, 2011 2:47 pm

    I am also very interested in joining the session….would be please tell me how to join it…as it is my first experience

  • I am interested too. Please forward the details on how to attend.

  • Is there an online option to follow the presentation?

  • Niall is right actually. I follow you since a short time but you are providing a lot of usefull tips and way to work but actually I live in Canada, more precisely in Quebec.

    If your presentation starts at 1:45pm IST, it means 3:15am in Quebec ! Will it be available as podcast/vidcast afterwards??

  • Please provide the details to attend session. that would help a lot of people to plan where to go.

  • How can i join here?.

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    Declare @Cnt int
    Set @Cnt = 1
    while(CHARINDEX(‘ ‘,@str)>0)
    –set @j = charindex(‘ ‘,@str, @k )
    –set @i = charindex(‘ ‘, @str , @k)+ 1
    set @sr = ltrim(rtrim(substring(@str,1,charindex(‘ ‘,@str) -1)))
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    I am using sql server 2000 there is no pivoting is done plese let me help.

  • hi,
    provide me link and information to join it.
    i don’t want to miss this chance.


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