SQLAuthority News – New Book Released – SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers

SQLAuthority News - New Book Released - SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers box Two days ago, on birthday of my blog – I asked simple question – Guess! What is in this box?

I have received lots of interesting comments on the blog about what is in it. Many of you got it absolutely incorrect and many got it close to the right answer but no one got it 100% correct. Well, no issue at all, I am going to give away the price to whoever has the closest answer first in personal email.

SQLAuthority News - New Book Released - SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers bookbox

Here is the answer to the question about what is in the box? Here it is – the box has my new book. In fact, I should say our new book as I co-authored this book with my very good friend Vinod Kumar. We had real blast writing this book together and had lots of interesting conversation when we were writing this book. This book has one simple goal – “master the basics.”

This book is not only for people who are preparing for interview. This book is for every one who wants to revisit the basics and wants to prepare themselves to the technology. One always needs to have practical knowledge to do their duty efficiently. This book talks about more than basics. There are multiple ways to present learning – either we can create simple book or make it interesting. We have decided the learning should be interactive and have opted for Interview Questions and Answer format.

Here is quick interview which we have done together.

Details of the books are here

SQLAuthority News - New Book Released - SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers sqlinterview The core concept of this book will continue to evolve over time. I am sure many of you will come along with us on this journey and submit your suggestions to us to make this book a key reference for anybody who wants to start with SQL server. Today we want to acknowledge the fact that you will help us keep this book alive forever with the latest updates. We want to thank everyone who participates in this journey with us.

You can get the books from [Amazon] | [Flipkart].

Read Vinod’s blog post. Do not forget to wish him happy birthday as today is his birthday and also book release day – two reason to wish him congratulations.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • congratulation for your new book ans hope it will be a good success and may be more such good books to come.

  • Congratulations, Pinal!

    No Kindle version, yet? :(

  • Pinal/Vinod,

    Great work and wishing you the very best.

    My special B’day wishes to Vinod :-)

  • Congrats Pinal on your New book.
    Take Care

  • Pinal/Vinod,

    Great work and wishing you the very best

  • Congratulations Pinal and Vinod. Great Work!

  • Hi sir,

    Just two days back i have started learning sql. i was searching so many sites for getting good information. Suddenly i got u r website. i red the index of u r book in amazon. it seems very good. I want to know one thing. Could you please guide me what are the prerequisites to read this book. is it ok for beginners? if not please guide me. I am living in UK.
    If you suggest i can buy through amazon along with this book.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Each and every article is very good.

  • Hi! I want to create excel file through procedure and write the data that return through the same procedure in tabular form ,Please give me an idea


    • You cannot create a new file however you can insert data into existing files. Refer this for more information

  • while installing sql 2008 standard edition i get following error message The specified user group ‘SQLServerMSSQLUsers$disserver$DISSERVER’ does not exist. tried many times uninstalling, m installing on windows 2003 standard edition and it is a backup domain controller, few week back i have installed successfully one of our backup domain controller without any problem.

    Please can anyone help me solving this issue ?

  • Great waiting for this type of addition in sql world salute you two for
    helping in such explainary easy to grasp basics …. Congrats you both

  • Congratulations Pinal
    All The Best

  • Great Effort! interesting!

  • I reevied the your book,pentastic pinal and vinod..


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