SQLAuthority News – Authors Visit – K-MUG TechEd Trivandrum on June 27, 2009

K-MUG is organizing TechEd Trivandrum on 27th June, 2009. Not just this, they are launching an official PASS Chapter in Trivandrum. The Agenda of the event is here and if you are around Trivandrum do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this upcoming great event. If you are keen to know what this event holds in store for you then read about TechEd in Ahmedabad, which saw a huge number of attendees and was a grand success.  Jacob Sebastian and Pinal Dave had presented two solid SQL Sessions and created lots of buzz about Microsoft.

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I will be at TechEd and will present a session on ‘SQL Server Best Practices’. This session will mainly focus on SQL Server best practices that are not commonly known. There is a huge gamut of information which can drastically enhance the performance of a system, but these are not widely known to users. I will share with you all those brilliant tips through demo to help to develop clear idea.

Jacob Sebastian, my friend and a SQL Server MVP, will also be there to support this event. He will present a session on ‘Logical Query Execution Flow’ where he will discuss how a given T-SQL Query is processed and executed. A comprehensive understanding of the query execution flow will help you solve several common problems and will help you answer a number of baffling questions that you often come across. Believe me this session was very much applauded at TechEd in Ahmedabad. I highly recommend this session to everyone interested in technology.

Jacob Sebastian will also give away his book ‘The Art of XSD – SQL Server XML Schema Collections’ at K-Mug TechEd.  This unique book deals with the subject of XSD, which is very crucial to understand if you want to explore the potential of XML. This topic is hardly well covered in any other book, which makes this book a must-have if you want to explore SQL Server Beyond Relational. Please read post by Jacob regarding how one can win his famous book here.

If any of you is interested in attending this event and meeting Jacob and me then do let me know. I will be staying an extra day at Trivandrum on Sunday, 28th June, so we can meet on that day as well.

Again, those of you who have requested for SQL Server Cheat Sheet, I will have one copy for all of you who will attend this event.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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