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I have been reeving lots of feedback from blog readers and what I have learned that they all wanted me to write about SQL Server Community news at least once a week. I am not sure if I can write every week what are happening in SQL Server world but I promise to write about news when I have collected few important news. Let me try this time how it goes and we will see in future how do you like it based on on your feedback.

IPD Guide:
Let me start with what has been keeping me busy recently. I have been reading IPD (Infrastructure Planning and Design) Guide for SQL Server 2008 which is part of the Microsoft Solution Accelerator series. As per definition given on official IPD site: The Infrastructure Planning and Design guide series gives you architectural guidance for Microsoft infrastructure products. The IPD guides help clarify and streamline design processes for Microsoft infrastructure technologies, with each guide addressing a unique infrastructure technology or scenario.

  • Download the entire IPD series
  • Download the IPD series intro
  • IPD Guide for Microsoft SQL Server

I have downloaded complete series but I was mainly reading IPD Guide for Microsoft SQL Server. Melissa Stowe is main author of this document. One of my favorite SQL Server expert Greg Low (MVP) and Steve Abraham.

I have finally started to use twitter. Since I have started to use it I have discovered the power of the twitter. Twitter is more like note about what I am doing in 140 chars, instead of formal blog post. It is like small blog post. I enjoy it very much. My friend and India MVP Lead Abhishek Kant had warned me that I should make sure that while writing twitter I should not forget to write my blog. I am make sure that I do not forget his advise. You can follow me on twitter here : https://mobile.twitter.com/pinaldave

Following up on MVP Summit 2009:
MVP Summit 2009 was great fun and I had blast there. I was so glad that I went to Seattle to visit MVP Summit 2009. I have made lots of new friends there and I have been in touch with many of them. I am still following up on few things which I had promised to my MVP friends at Summit. You can checkout my complete tour of MVP Summit here : SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – Complete Wrapup of Microsoft MVP Summit 2009 Trip

SQL Profiler:
I have started to learn SQL Profiler recently. I always knew how to use SQL Profiler it but there are many advance techniques I still have to master. I will post my findings on this blog.

My friend and SQL Server MVP Jacob Sebastian has recently published puzzle on his blog. I encourage everybody to read try to solve it. The challenge is to calculate the Business Hours between StartDate and EndDate. Let us define Business Hours as the time between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday to Friday. If StartDate is Friday 12 Noon and EndDate is Monday 10 AM, you should count only the duration between 12 Noon and 5 PM on Friday and 8AM to 10 AM on Monday.

Job Portal:
To support changing job market I have updated few filters of job portal at jobs@SQLAuthority.

Tip of this blog article:
SQL Server should be updated with latest service packs. SQL Server 2005 has SP3 released and SQL Server 2008 is about to have SP1 keep a watch on it. I have recently come across one of the server which was running very slow. First thing I did is to check which version it was running and right away I figured out it was running SQL Server without any SP. Once I updated SQL Server with necessary updates it started to run much faster than it was earlier. There were few other updates needed afterwards to make it run even faster. However, updating it to latest SP did play major role to it.

Feedback of Users:
I am really looking for feedback from my reader if you would like to read article like this once every month or once every 15 days.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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