SQL SERVER – Public Training and Private Training – Differences and Similarities – Public Training vs Private Training

Earlier this year, I was on Road SQL Server Seminars. I did many SQL Server Performance Trainings and SQL Server Performance Consultations throughout the year but I feel the most rewarding exercise is always the one when instructor learns something from students, too.

I was just talking to my wife, Nupur – she manages my logistics and administration related activities – and she pointed out that this year I have done 62% consultations and 38% trainings. I was bit surprised as I thought the numbers would be reversed. Every time I review the year, I think of training done at organizations. Well, I cannot argue with reality, I have done more consultations (some would call them projects) than training.

I told my wife that I enjoy consultations more than training. She promptly asked me a question which was not directly related but made me think for long time, and in the end resulted in this blog post. Nupur asked me: what do I enjoy the most, public training or private training? I had a long conversation with her on this subject.

training SQL SERVER   Public Training and Private Training   Differences and Similarities   Public Training vs Private Training

I am not going to write long blog post which can change your life here. This is rather a small post condensing my one hour discussion into 200 words.

Public Training is fun because…

  • There are lots of different kinds of attendees
  • There are always vivid questions
  • Lots of questions on questions
  • Less interest in theory and more interest in demos
  • Good opportunity of future business

Private Training is fun because…

  • There is a focused interest
  • One question is discussed deeply because of existing company issues
  • More interest in “how it happened” concepts – under the hood operations
  • Good connection with attendees
  • This is also a good opportunity of future business

Here I will stop my monologue and I want to open up this question to all of you:

Question to Attendees –

Which one do you enjoy the most – Public Training or Private Training?

Question to Trainers –

What do you enjoy the most – Public Training or Private Training?

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

10 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Public Training and Private Training – Differences and Similarities – Public Training vs Private Training

  1. Hi Pinal,

    As per my view, Public Training is better thn private, bcz there are so many opportunity to learn and express our ideas with diff types of ppl n thr understanding.



  2. Hi Pinal Dave it is very good to see you helping the professionals. I am attending interviews onTesting with experienc of 2+ years. Please guide me with some question and answer sets that will be helpful to get through the interview.If possible please leav your personal mail id so that i can access you .
    Plese help me in this regard.


  3. Hi Pinal

    the figure you gave in % are of No. of Counts of Tranning or in terms of Income :) ???

    and yes which ever earns good is always better.. i think Consultant and Tranning in both case we create our image as “King” :) were we can roul in both case…

    but if you ask in general…. Consultant is GOOD as compare to Tranning as that gives us real life practical knowledge as compare to other….


  4. Public Training is just like visiting a hilly area where I can find many precious stones, of different color and quality BUT Private Training is, as I am given a single stone to polish and convert it into a diamond.


  5. Hi Pinal,

    I agree with your conclusion abt public training and private training.In Public training you may face different types of attendees whereas in private training in puerly professional. ALL IS FUN.


  6. Hi Pinal,

    This year july i hava attended a Session CSSUG at chennai. Also, attend community Techdays conducted by Microsoft.

    So, we have Learn lots of things in different domains. Also, meet different Trainers and Attendes coming from different concerns. Thats why, we gain and share their knowledge.


  7. I would say that public trainings are great to get things rolling. Every CTD introduces great new technology that is fun to evaluate. All attendees, I am sure, would take a lot of options and technologies back and try to apply them at work. A few would work, a few would not. Once an option works in a given business scenario, then the question comes about going in depth and actually developing a solution out of a particular technology. That is the right time to introduce (with the blessings of the management, of course) private training – focused on just the required technology and skills.

    Public training only scratches the surface, but private training gives an opportunity to go deep into a particular topic. Both are required at different stages of the game, and therefore the question of a competition does not arise.

    Have a great day!

    Be courteous. Drive responsibly.


  8. Hey Pinal,

    Why Public Training is Enjoyable.
    – Its enjoyable, because of different kind of attendees and different kinds of question

    Why Public Training is NOT Enjoyable.
    – Many a times after public Training, attendee remain laid on Land of Questions and not to the solutions.

    Why Private Meeting is Enjoyable.
    – Small or Big number of target focused attendees think in the same directions to find solution to single or many problems.


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