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I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer and I am very much proud of it. Because I am a MCT, I have the support of great community leaders and trainers who help me constantly to improve in what I do. I have many Microsoft Certifications and I constantly try to take more of these. Every time, a new certification is announced, I make sure to add it to my list of existing ones. This post is written to make the community aware that how sometimes strict bureaucracy guidelines can create issues and a very well-confirmed project can crash.

Those who know me and read my blog know that I make my living by doing the following:

  • SQL Server Consultation (Primary Domain – Performance Tuning and Query Optimizations)
  • SQL Server Training (Wide Ranges of classes – Primary Subject – Performance Tuning and Query Optimizations)

If I have empty weekend, I usually travel anywhere in Asia-Pacific to deliver an SQL Session and I absolutely make NO Money there. However, by God’s grace, my SQL Sessions and travels for sure have gave me a good name in local community, and it gives me great satisfaction that I am able to help people as many people have helped me.

Everybody always look for an experienced person as a trainer or consultant. As I have written on SQLAuthority.com for almost 4 years, many people also know me from this blog as well.

Before committing for any consultancy project or training, I usually talk to project leader or technical head. These conversations are very helpful and help me to understand the project requirements early on hand.

Recently, I came across a strange situation, which showed me that a good reputation doesn’t count every time. I had already talked to the project manager and project was all finalized. They wanted a custom training course for the first one week, followed by consultation in the second week and a live project with the client. The client had already delivered advance payment, and my travel agent had made the flight and hotel booking as well. Just an hour before my flight, I received a phone call from the HR person, who said that they have a strict requirement that every trainer who comes to their organization must be a Microsoft Certified Trainer. The HR person also told me that they overlooked this detail during their initial process, and because of this, they are willing to pay my cancellation charges if I am unable to produce my MCT certification.

In fact, I was a bit taken aback by this phone call as I have never had such an experience before. I have tremendous respect for Microsoft Certifications, and I do have many of them. However, I was never asked in my entire career – or at least after establishing myself in this career – to prove that I am a certified trainer. I politely told the HR person that I do have a MCT certification, but it will take a time for me to find it as I have kept it somewhere safe and I have only one hour to leave for the airport. The HR person again insisted that without the proof of my certification, they will not be allowing me to conduct training.

SQLAuthority News - I am Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)  MCT

Thanks to my wife Nupur, I could find the certification in few minutes, and additionally, I had proof that I was teaching a 500 level course at the University of Southern California to PhD students. The HR person was glad after receiving the scanned copies of the same and finally gave me the green signal to fly to the client’s office.

This whole experience made me think how important these certifications are to a trainer and consultant. Maybe I should have made a loud announcement earlier, but I think it is still not late: I am MCT and really take pride in being one!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Sir,

    Hw r you?

    Congratulations once again for this new success….
    and hope that we get such chances of congratulating you again and again…

    Rashmika & Amit

  • Give the world the best you have,
    & the best will come to you!

    Congratulations Pinal Sir!

    Once again …….Congratulations on one of your best moments!

  • Hi Pinal,

    Congrats your MCT cert!

  • A interesting scenario, looks like the requirements are a tad more stringent back home compared to here i guess. Do you get a MCT pertaining to a specific area or is it a whole gamut of things.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Ramdas,

      I think MCT certification is based on what kind of other MS certification one have.

      I have few SQL Server related Certificates.

      Kind Regards,

  • Vijaya Kadiyala
    July 6, 2010 8:37 pm

    Hi Pinal
    Congratulations…way to go….

  • Interesting situation, thanks for sharing. What does the MCT certification cover, is it a particular subject area or a whole range of subjects.

  • Hi Pinal, this is a very standard requirement in the States. Perhaps since lot of things work off of trust in India you might have found it strange. PASS mandates all pre and post con presenters to be MCTs. MCT makes you an authorised trainer, which is a little bit different than just being a SQL Guru.

    Anyway glad to know that you found the certificate and it all worked out.



  • Paresh Prajapati
    July 8, 2010 8:44 pm

    Hi Pinal,

    How are you?

    Congratulations for MCT.

    Me and my job Colleague Jalpesh have tried for nominate for MVP 2010 , but Jalpesh get the MVP, Now again i am trying for MVP.
    so i need suggestion from you , if you can give your valuable time.


  • Hello Sir,

    Congratulations…How are you??

  • Hi Pinal

    ur blogs are very helpfull for people like me..
    it got loads n loads of stuufff
    thanks for ur work
    Congratulatoions for ur certification..

    I also want to do one certification MCTS 70-432
    any information regarding this will be very helpful..

    All the very best..
    hope god gives u loads n loads of energy to help people
    who are struggling for the informatoin


  • Nice to know your experience and congratulations for MCT.


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