SQL SERVER – DBA or DBD? – Database Administrator or Database Developer

Earlier this month, I had poll on this blog where I asked question – Are you a Database Administrator or Database Developer? The word DBA (Database Administrator) is very common but DBD (Database Developer) is not common at all. This made me think – what is the ratio of the same.

Here the result of the poll:

Database Administrator 36.6% (254 votes)
Database Developer 63.4% (440 votes)
Total Votes: 694

This is open poll, if you want you can still participate here.

Vote your Voice – DBD or DBA?

I think it is the time when DBD word for Database Developer gets place in our dictionary.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

8 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – DBA or DBD? – Database Administrator or Database Developer

  1. hello sir

    i think database administraor

    i knew sql server 2005 mean view ,agg function,how to create
    backup and restore ,dml,ddl,dcl,qurey

    but i donot know use of oracle

    i want to become database administrator

    sql server is big different according to oracle

    becoz your site is very good

    i want to study oracle (free)
    plz give me some site of oracle


  2. Pinal,

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice this opinion – DBA is really confining in that it seems to imply knowledge of storage and optimization techniques for database software/hardware. Developer on the other hand can do all this and work out the details from requirements serving as more of a go-between business people and machines.

    Just my two cents,



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