SQL SERVER – Are you a Database Administrator or a Database Developer?

SQL SERVER - Are you a Database Administrator or a Database Developer? TSQL2sDay This blog post is written in response to T-SQL Tuesday hosted by Paul Randal.

I think following questions has been always very interesting question for everybody who is working with SQL Server.

Are you a Database Administrator or Database Developer?

The answer of this question varies from organizations to organizations and to countries to countries.

Quite often I see people call them developer and doing tasks of backup and restore of the database. Often I see Administrator writing efficient code in application development. I totally understand that it is almost impossible to draw a line and quite often we are comfortable doing all the tasks.

Additionally, there are few tasks which can be done well by either Database Administrator or Database Developers. E.g. Index management and creation.

However, I want to start an interesting conversation with all of you today.

Question for you –

Irrespective of your job description do you consider yourself as Database Administrator or Database Developer?


Please leave your answers in comment area. I am also creating pole along with this post – I have not kept the others options or both options as they take away fun of this question.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • P.V.Rajagopal
    May 26, 2015 5:36 pm

    Database developer means Writing efficient code.But Administrator means backup,restore ,integriting and troubleshooting database

  • I’m not sure how these two would ever get mixed up. One develops code via applications, SQL, stored procedures, and DB schema within and around the database. There other installs, maintains the database server itselve. An ovelap might be who does the indexes on tables. This requires knowing the code or SQL being run on the tables along with the best indexed to apply. The latter is usually found in both roles.


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