SQLAuthority News – Meeting with Allen Bailochan Tuladhar – An Unlimited Experience

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

Allen  Tuladhar

I recently came back from my 9-day trip in Nepal and I must say that this is one of the best trips I had in my lifetime. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar is a wonderful person and an extreme enthusiast for Microsoft Technology. Allen is the Chief Executive Officer of Unlimited Technologies Pvt Ltd., Country Manager of Microsoft MDP Nepal, the Member Secretary of Nepali Language in Information Technology, and member of the Steering Committee of the Government of Nepal.

He is the person who keeps the Nepal’s Tech Community constantly motivating and taking it to the next level. I have met Allen for many times before, but this was the first time I was with him in Kathmandu, Nepal. I was very impressed with the amount of the work he does in the community. During my 9 days of stay, every single day was a new lesson for me. I was amazed and overwhelmed with the many things he does every single day. Not only he does he work closely with Government of Nepal ministry, but he is also the most known person in the Student Community. His expertise in the technical subject matter is not limited to one technology; rather, I have seen him actively engaging himself in  discussions of various tech topics.

Allen presending at TechMela Kathmandu, Nepal

Allen presending at TechMela Kathmandu, Nepal

Allen is currently active in working out to localize Windows and Office and incorporate it using the Nepali language. I was able to witness and experience how the localization works, as well as the procedure on how to do such. If you know the whole localization process, you must have realized how big and daunting of a process it is. I was glad that I became a part of it.

Prominent Personality of Nepal on Panel Discussion

Prominent Personality of Nepal on Panel Discussion

Another great opportunity I had when I was at Allen’s office is that I have learned how the radio technology talk show works. Nepali Radio station has the weekly program in their local language, in which MS technology is discussed and industry leaders are invited to talk about their experience with the technology. I found the program so interesting because it has so much variety in terms of technology subjects. Well, my understanding of Nepali language is limited but I did understand quite a bit.

Ravi, Nutan, Pinal, Gandip

Ravi, Nutan, Pinal, Gandip

I got the chance to meet lots of Database Professionals as well. People in Nepal are very polite even though they are very strong in their technology fundamentals. I had in-depth discussion regarding High Availability scenarios, as well Query Tuning. Database professionals from the leading financial sectors of Nepal wanted me to visit their Data Center and help them out with a few advances. In no time, Allen organized a visit for me. He sent me a Nepali-speaking expert from his own organization to accompany me in overcoming any difficulties while I was on my way helping this financial district.

Pinal (SQLAuthority) and Deependra (Unlimited)

Pinal (SQLAuthority) and Deependra (Unlimited)

When I was going to Nepal, I was really not sure if I would be able to stay busy for 9 days straight in Community-related activity. However, on the 9th day I realize that I can still stay here for more than 9days because in every single day, I feel enthusiastic enough to do something new.

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

Even though I was working  very hard every day, I hardly had the chance to work with and talk to him one-on-one for the first few days. One of the evenings, Allen invited me to his home and we discussed about his future ideas. I was really surprised to see how much a man can do for his technical community and for his country. When I asked Allen’s wife and daughter if they ever think it’s getting too much with regards to Allen putting tough efforts to the community, their answer was something I did not expect. I found out that Allen’s wife manages all the back office and logistics of the community events and his daughter manages the websites. I felt that they do not have any complain,  and instead, their whole family is in this activity as deeply as it can get, which I thought is a very good thing.

Pinal and Allen

Pinal and Allen

I want to end this post with an interesting story that happened during our lunch hour at one of the Nepali restaurants. While we were having our lunch and having some chitchat, Allen suddenly stood up and called several people walking along the pavement. He introduced them all to me as Microsoft Student Partners. He asked all of them to order their favorite dish and called the waiter to inform that he will pick up their tab. Figuring out the question written on my face, he just said one sentence: “They are all future technology professionals who are going to make all of us proud.” I guess I have a lot of things to learn.

Hats off to Allen!

Pinal and Allen at Microsoft MDP Unlimited

Pinal and Allen at Microsoft MDP Unlimited

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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12 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Meeting with Allen Bailochan Tuladhar – An Unlimited Experience

  1. Being one of the former Microsoft Student Partners(MSP) from Nepal and having spent quite a long time with Allen Sir I truly admire what I have achieved and learned through the programs conducted by Allen Sir in the Community. Only with the help of his programs now i can call myself an MCITP DBA..

  2. I agree with you Anil.. I’m current MSP from Nepal and without Allen Sir, whole MSP programmes and many others would have been not as effective. God bless him n NEPAL so that we can grow along side India as a potential IT sector.

  3. It’s been a great experience working as a Microsoft Student Partner under the guidance of Allen Sir. What student community is now getting is more than they could have dreamed of. We are now able to get a first hand experience on various new technologies, have now been able to differentiate the various paths that we have been looking at and are now able to choose one for ourselves, all because of his guidance and teachings. We don’t have to wait around for someone to come for us to let us know what options we have to learn and what can we do to improve our skills in the technologies that we love; Allen sir and his team have been working there brains out for newer programs for our benefit and ensure that everyone gets a chance to learn and to advance by going from college to college, from community to community. He is and will always be a role model for many students like us; someone whom we always remember as the first person to sow the seeds of love for what we do and can do.
    Peace …

  4. Wow, really amazed at the way Mr Allen conducts himself. I could sense the amount of learning what one can achieve through interactions with him.

  5. Dear Pilan Sir,
    I absolutely agree with your word. For 20 months I had worked with and Microsoft MDP Nepal as Technical Specialist.I found him very awesome. I also agree on your every word…Especially about the feedback on his family and his proudness on MSP. Seeing your post, my hand doesn’t stop to write some reply on your post. Allen Sir, you are awesome, and I was and still proud that I worked with you and you are my great boss. I learned a lots from you.
    Thank you Allen Sir.
    and lastly thank you Pilan Sir for posting this blog.

  6. Hi Allen Sir,

    It is nice to see after long time. cong in your work. I am also working in sql 2005,2008 with SSRS and SSIS

  7. He’s the man who comes up with ideas, and we MSPs drive it. And even when we need some help, he puts in all of his ideas and experiences there for us. We are really proud to have him as our lead. He is really awe inspiring.

  8. I heard about Mr. Allen Tuladhar long time back in school days in the USA. But, I am very eager to see him now next time I will visit my home country Nepal.

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  10. As an Asst. Localization Coordinator in Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007, I knew him much more as- The man with motivational ideas- what I call him. He always comes with new ideas, grasps sufficient knowledge and information and has enthusiasm and capacity to do something for his country and the world technology.

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