SQLAuthority News – Download – SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

Note :   Download SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit by Microsoft

SQL Server 2008 offers an impressive array of capabilities for developers that build upon key innovations introduced in SQL Server 2005. The  SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit  will help you understand how to build web applications which deeply exploit the rich data types, programming models and new development paradigms in SQL Server 2008. The training kit is brought to you by Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism.

The training kit includes the following content:

  • Presentations (6)
    • Filestream
    • Spatial
    • T-SQL
    • Date and Time Types
    • SQLCLR
    • Reporting Services
  • Demos (12)
    • AdventureWorks Racing All-Up SQL Server 2008 Demo
    • SQL Server 2008 All-Up Spatial Demo
    • Spatial Types Demo
    • Intro to Filestream Demo
    • SQL CLR Nullable Types Demo
    • Programming with Filestream Demo
    • Reporting Services Web Application Integration Demo
    • Date and Time Support in SQL Server 2008 Demo
    • T-SQL Table-Valued Parameters Demo
    • T-SQL Row Constructors Demo
    • T-SQL Grouping Sets Demo
    • T-SQL Merge Demo
  • Hands-on Labs (3)
    • Using Spatial Data in TSQL
    • Using Spatial Data in Managed Code
    • Using SQL CLR in SQL Server 2008

Download SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

Abstract courtesy : Microsoft

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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3 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Download – SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

  1. Iam vist your blog and learn lot of things , iam new in database . Have you any DBA Training KIET SQL SERVER 2008.

  2. I have downloaded both sql 2008 developer training kit, and
    2008 AdventureWorks Sample Database , but I have no idea how to create the AW db correctly. I got the syntax error after I made data loc change and uncommentd the 2nd setvar statement as shown below…

    Here are some of the statements in the instawdb.sql
    –:setvar SqlSamplesDatabasePath “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\”
    –:setvar SqlSamplesSourceDataPath “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Samples\”

    IF ‘$(SqlSamplesSourceDataPath)’ IS NULL OR ‘$(SqlSamplesSourceDataPath)’ = ”
    RAISERROR(N’The variable SqlSamplesSourceDataPath must be defined.’, 16, 127) WITH NOWAIT

    Would you please help? I’ll appreciate it.

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