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Since my new personal website is launched I have received many comments and emails regarding new section of Tip of the Minute. Right navigation bar of the my personal website http://www.pinaldave.com contains section of the Tip of the Minute. Every time when page is refreshed it displays one new tip related to SQL Server.

Few of the tips from the page I am listing here.

  • Avoid unnecessary use of temporary tables.
  • Try to use constraints instead of triggers, rules, and defaults whenever possible.
  • SQL Server agent, allows you to schedule your own jobs and scripts.

tipoftheday1 SQLAuthority News   Tip of the Minute

If any reader who will send me all the tips which I have published on the page, I will send my user any product of choice from article SQLAuthority News – SQLAuthority T-Shirts, Mug, Hat and Other Product.

If you are going to collect the tips make sure to learn them, if you want more explanation about any tips please send me email or leave a comment and I will send you additional explanation.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://www.SQLAuthority.com)

3 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Tip of the Minute

  1. temp tables are used to store and process the data temporarely.
    The temp tables resides in the temp database and dropped whenever the server is restarted or removed intentionally.These tables are two types local and golbal, local temp tables exits only till the perticular session in which it is created,closed.(can be seen by the user who is created it start with @)

    Global temp tables exists till the last connection which is using this closed (prefexed with @@)(availbe to all the users)

    The temp tables reduce the burden on the server.
    eg. of using temp table is,when we want to remove the duplictes in exiting table which is having huge data fist place the existing data in the temp table ,remove duplicates from temp,truncate the original table,then load the distinct data from temp to original table


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