SQL SERVER – How to Install SSMS From Command Line? Error: The Specified Value for Setting ‘MEDIALAYOUT’ is Invalid.

There are many DBAs who like to automate the deployment of SQL. It is not fun to use wizard in all the installations. Imagine that setup media is kept in a remote share and all you need to do is provide a batch file to run and it would take care of installation. Let us learn How to Install SSMS From Command Line?

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SQL SERVER – Management Studio Missing – SSMS 2014 not Installed with SQL Server 2014

Recently I got a message on Skype about SSMS.

Hi Pinal, Need quick suggestion. I am unable to find ssms.exe after installation of SQL Server. Do you know how I can install it?

Initially I thought that since SQL Server 2016 doesn’t come with SQL Server Management Studio, this would be an expected behavior. So, I shared my blog to him.

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SQL SERVER – Discovery Report – How to Find Information About Installed Features?

Many times, we need to find information about the various features / version of SQL Server installed on a machine. If you ask a DBA, he can provide you information by looking at services and tell what all are installed. He might run some WMI/T-SQL queries to list the services of SQL Server and their versions. Let us learn about the Discovery Report.

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