SQL Authority News – Download and Install AdventureWorks 2014 Sample Databases

If you are using SQL Server there are good chances that you are familiar with AdventureWorks. AdventureWorks is a Sample Database shipped with SQL Server and it can be downloaded from GitHub site. AdventureWorks have replaced Northwind and Pubs from the sample database in SQL Server 2005. The Microsoft team keeps updating the sample database as they release new versions. I use the AdventureWorks database for most of my example, as it is easy to use sample database which is accessible for most of the people out there. Let us learn to install AdventureWorks.

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SQL SERVER – List of All the Samples Database Available to Download for FREE

It is pretty much very common to have a sample database for any database product. Different companies keep on improving their product and keep on coming up with innovation in their product. To demonstrate the capability of their new enhancements they need the sample database. Microsoft have various sample database available for free download for their SQL Server Product. I have collected them here in a single blog post.

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