SQL SERVER – SQL Profiler vs Extended Events

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know how to start this article about SQL Profiler vs Extended Events. After all, I decided to take mind off things and to watch a movie. The movie was Iron Man 2. In addition to the brilliant performance of Robert Downie Jr., one phrase stuck in my mind and immediately inspired my writing.

“Don’t get so attached to things, learn to let go.”
~ Iron Man 2 (Robert Downie Jr)

What is better the old reliable SQL Profiler or something new? My personal choice is Extended Events. Why? To deal with Extended Events, we should go back to SQL Profiler and comprehend its work. First, a new trace is created, and information to be traced is noted.

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SQL SERVER – FIX: SQL Profiler Error – Cannot Retrieve Trace Definition for SQL Server Version

As soon as I opened profiler and clicked on “connect” button, I was welcomed with below the message box. This is one of the funniest error message which I have seen from long time. There is no message!!! Let us see how to fix SQL Profiler Error.

Hitting OK on above, came to below message.

The version shown in the message 13.0.900 is the version of my SQL instance (SQL Server 2016 CTP) on which I was connecting. Here is the text of the second error message.

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SQL SERVER – Plan Caching and Schema Change – An Interesting Observation

Last week, I had published details regarding SQL SERVER – Plan Caching in SQL Server 2008 by Greg Low on this blog. Similar to any other white paper, I have read this paper very carefully and enjoyed reading it. One particular topic in the white paper that caught my attention…
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