SQL Server – Formatted Date and Alias Name in ORDER BY Clause

CONVERT function can be used to change the format of DATE to various formats like MM/dd/yyy, dd/MM/yyy, yyy/MM/dd, etc. But have you ever noticed that this will produce resultset with a different order if the alias name is used in ORDER BY Clause? Well, I just learned about the formatted date from my recent consulting engagement Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

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Once in a while, I get questions where users have indeed explained the question well enough that I can easily understand their question. If I understand question quickly, I am always able to answer it efficiently as well. In this blog post, we will see one such question which I answered with keywords WITH OVER and PARTITION BY.

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Sort Query Using Dynamic Variables Without EXEC – Interview Question of the Week #074

It does not matter which version of SQL Server we are using, I think this question is going to be there universally all the time when people want to sort query using dynamic variables. Trust me, this is indeed a popular question. After 14 years of experience in the industry, just last week, I was asked this question when one of my clients was evaluating me to tune their queries. Well, for a moment I thought the client should know that I know these kind of questions. Next moment, I realize that this is my opportunity to impress them as they do know the answer.

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