SQL SERVER – Identity Jumping 1000 – IDENTITY_CACHE

SQL Server 2017 has a wonderful feature which fixes a very old issue which DBA and developers have been struggling for a while. It would be impossible to find DBA or Developer who has not faced an issue when their identity column value has jumped or incremented by 1000. It is a very common issue and today we will see the solution of this issue with the help of IDENTITY_CACHE introduced in the latest version of SQL Server. 

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SQL SERVER – FIX : Msg 8115, Level 16, Arithmetic Overflow Error Converting IDENTITY to Data Type INT

One of my friends who is a SharePoint expert told that he is getting overflow error while doing check-in on the document. He was confident that the error is related to SQL and that’s why he contacted me. I used profiler and found the table which had the problem and fixed that as well. This blog is an outcome of that work done. Let us see the error related to Arithmetic Overflow Error.

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