SQL SERVER – Find Gaps in The Sequence

I have previously written two articles on the subject of missing identity and both are very well received by community. I had great fun to write article as many SQL Server expert participated in both the articles. Expert Imran Mohammed had provided excellent script to find missing identity. Please read both the articles for additional information before reading this article about finding gaps in the sequence.

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SQL SERVER – Reseed Identity of Table – Table Missing Identity Values – Gap in Identity Column

Some time ago I was helping one of my Junior Developers who presented me with an interesting situation. He had a table with Identity Column. Because of some reasons he was compelled to delete few rows from the table. On inserting new rows in the table he noticed that the…
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SQL SERVER – 2008 – SCOPE_IDENTITY Bug with Multi Processor Parallel Plan and Solution

This article is very serious and I would like to explain this as simple as I can. SCOPE_IDENTITY() which is commonly used in place of @@Identity has bug when run in Parallel Plan. You can read my explanation of @@IDENTITY vs SCOPE_IDENTITY() vs IDENT_CURRENT in earlier article. The bug is…
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