SQL SERVER – Upgrade Error – Upgrading Subscription Settings and System Objects in Database [DBName].

There are many causes of SQL server patching failure. Looking at right log and finding the right cause is the key to solve it in time. In this blog, we would learn about an upgrade error which comes during “Upgrading subscription settings and system objects in database.”

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SQL SERVER – xp_cmdshell and Net Use ERROR: The Local Device Name is Already in Use

People generally ask me; how do I manage to find a blog topic for every day blogging? And my answer is – “Connect yourself to the ground, try to help people with the basics, have open eyes & ears and promise yourself to learn one new thing every day”. If one can achieve these, every day blogging is easier. As a part of my consulting, I was helping a client to run some scripts and while testing, I learned something new. In this blog, we would learn about cause and solution of the error, the local device name is already in use.

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SQL SERVER – Fix: The EXECUTE Permission was Denied on the Object ‘xp_cmdshell’, Database ‘mssqlsystemresource’,schema ‘sys’.

I write and play around a lot with SQL object level permissions and I love working with them. Having said that, I also explore the ways people want to run code to achieve certain objectives. In the DBA’s world when the number of servers we are talking is not a single digit, they are looking for ways to automate and script out. Recently I was at a retail company backed team in India and they said they have close to 1500+ databases which are running at their various outlets and point of sale counters and the DBA team working to manage these were still less than 10. I was pleasantly surprised by this level of details. To achieve certain tasks, they have to allow non-sysadmin users to run xp_cmdshell. Here is the issue which was they wanted to solve.

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