Getting Started with MariaDB – New Course on Pluralsight

As a database professional, one should know multiple database platforms as in the real world we can’t say no to our clients when they show up a system which is running slow and involves multiple database platforms. During the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check engagements, I have seen quite many different databases like ProstgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB. In this blog post, I am going to discuss my newly released course on Pluralsight – Getting Started with MariaDB.

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MySQL – MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning – Online Video Courses

In year 2013, I had focused on MySQL along with SQL Server in database products. As I learn more and more MySQL, I quickly realized that there is no proper course or structured information for MySQL Performance Tuning. I had decided to build a course around common MySQL Performance Problems. I have decided to build the performance tuning course in two parts. 1) MySQL Indexing for Performance and 2) MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning. I had released MySQL Indexing for Performance course earlier this year and right before the end of the year 2013 the second course MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning has released as well.

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