SQL Authority News – Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours 2018/4/4 – Fun Experience

It was my pleasure and honor that I was invited to the Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours. During the office hours, we received quite a few interesting questions, some were very complicated and some were super fun. However, the best part of attending the office hours was the company. I was fortunate to have Brent, Richie, and Tara along with me in this office hours. Please note that the questions which we discussed during the session were asked live.

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SQL SERVER – What is Forwarded Records and How to Fix Them?

During the early year of my career, one of the most popular questions I used to receive was – What is Forwarded Record? I used to find this question very valid as many people yet did not know what is the forwarded record. In most of the cases as time passes by more knowledge is spread amount SQL Server users and the number of questions reduces on a single topic. However, this is something I can’t say is true for Forwarded Records.

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What are Forwarded Records in SQL Server? – Interview Question of the Week #145

Question: What are Forwarded Records in SQL Server?

Answer: It is interesting to see this question keeps on coming up in the interview questions. Even though this is very old concept, I hardly see new DBAs know about this subject.

Let us see the answer the question about the forwarded records.

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SQL SERVER – Unable to Bring SQL Online – DoSQLDataRootApplyACL : Failed to Create Directory Tree at SQLDataRoot

Here is one of email which I received from one of my clients where he mentioned that he was unable to bring SQL Online.

I need assistance in getting the failed SQL Server resource online on the node named “SQLDBN01” for the Cluster named “DBCLUSTER01 “.

I checked the event log and have all generic messages. Do you have any expert trick?


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