SQL Authority News – Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours 2018/4/4 – Fun Experience

SQL Authority News - Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours 2018/4/4 - Fun Experience Practical_Real_World_Performance_Tuning-800x800 It was my pleasure and honor that I was invited to the Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours. During the office hours, we received quite a few interesting questions, some were very complicated and some were super fun. However, the best part of attending the office hours was the company. I was fortunate to have Brent, Richie, and Tara along with me in this office hours. Please note that the questions which we discussed during the session were asked live.

During the office hours, we discussed quite a few subjects here are the list of the questions which we had discussed during the office hours.

  • How do you monitor replication latency?
  • I run out of disk space when I create a clustered index.
  • Is replication a good fit to copy data between servers?
  • How do you prove other services are causing performance problems?
  • Why are vendors telling me to replicate to the cloud?
  • How can I fix performance in a third party app?
  • How has the reception been for SQL ConstantCare?
  • I’ve been getting database mail errors about spawning processes…
  • I need to sync data from a read-only database…
  • How can I reduce blocking between an insert and an update?
  • How can I capture who does what?
  • How can I get my data offsite fast?
  • Should I drop my indexed views when changing replication?

Please watch the following video to know the answers to this questions. Here’s the video on YouTube:

Additionally, here is the link to the class which we had discussed during the webcast. Please note that there are very limited seats available and it is first to come first to serve.

Here is few additional reading on the same subject:

Feel free to ask any question in the comment area, I will be happy to answer!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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