[Video] SQL Performance Troubles – Execution Plans – Live 2

[Video] SQL Performance Troubles - Execution Plans - Live 2 Live2-800x450 When I presented the very first YouTube Live, I was extremely nervous about what if something goes wrong and it did. My Microphone failed. In the second episode, I had made sure that my Microphone works properly. However, this time, I faced another issue that my Camera stopped working. Fortunately, I had backup. Let us see what today’s video SQL Performance Troubles – Execution Plans – Live 2.

Discussion Points – Live 2

    • 0:00 Let’s start
    • 1:35 Demo: Real-world scenario
    • 9:30 Don’t trust Execution Plan
    • 11:20 Camera Froze
    • 13:00 Camera UnFroze
    • 15:00 Actual vs Estimated Execution Plan
    • 20:00 Live Execution Plan
    • 22:30 Find table in SSMS
    • 23:40 Attaching SQL Plan
    • 25:10 Location of Free Scripts
    • 25:33 Final Puzzle
    • 28:00 Final Final Puzzle
    • 29:15 Thank you

In this video, I discuss execution plans and real-world scenarios. We also discuss the estimated execution plan and actual execution plan. Right at the end of the session, we also discussed an interesting puzzle. Please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed the session (Live 2) or not. I will be happy to do more based on your feedback.

Many such tricks, I often discuss during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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