Single Installer for SSMS and ADS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #138

Single Installer for SSMS and ADS - SQL in Sixty Seconds #138 138-SSMS-ADS-yt-800x450 I have previously written a blog post about installing SQL Server Management Studio  (SSMS) and installing Azure Data Studio (ADS). Microsoft has recently released a single installer which now installs SSMS and ADS both together in a single Installation.

I have created a small video on this topic: Single Installer for SSMS and ADS. Do watch the video and give me feedback about it.

You can download the latest SQL Server Installer from the blog post here: Download SQL Server Management Studio 18.0 (General Availability)

Here are a few additional blog posts about SSMS features:

I suggest you download and install the latest SSMS, it is pretty stable and works great. If you like my short SQL in the Sixty Seconds video, I request you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. You can also connect with you on Twitter.

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  • I don’t like the fact that microsoft is dictating which software will be installed on my PC (as they also recently did with office apps) .At least I want a checkbox to enable/disable the installation of ADS. To me this looks like bloatware, regardless the discussion if ADS is a valueabale tool or not

  • Yep, this reeks of “bundling” which I believe they were dinged on by the DOJ back in the 90s… guess enough time has passed so they can start dipping their toes in those waters again… lawyers must have retired or something…


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