Email an Execution Plan – SQL in Sixty Seconds #114

Email an Execution Plan - SQL in Sixty Seconds #114 114-ExecEmail-YTCover-800x450 Most part of my day is spent doing Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check with different organizations. During the consultation, we focus on SQL Server Configuration, Database Deployment, Index Optimizations as well as Query Tuning. Additionally, as many of you know while doing performance tuning consultation I do not take control of the system, here I have documented that experience: Consulting 101 – Why Do I Never Take Control of Computers Remotely? Today we are going to learn how we can send Email an Execution Plan.

There is often a time when clients want me to help them tune their queries. They often send me their queries or the screenshot of the execution plan. While I really want to help tune queries it is pretty much impossible to tune query by just looking at the query or its screenshot. There are so many details hidden in the query plan that without its knowledge really it is not possible to tune queries.

In the video, I explain how one can send query plans via an email.

In this video, I have explained how you can send the entire execution plan in the email. If you want me to help you tune your query, you can always send me an email with your execution plan. I try to keep a minimum of 1 hour available every day all the queries I have received from the blog readers as well as my youtube subscribers.

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