SQL SERVER – Disable Parameter Sniffing with DISABLE_PARAMETER_SNIFFING Query Hint

The journey of consulting is always a fun one with lots of learning. Recently during the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I had a great conversation about how to disable Parameter Sniffing and DISABLE_PARAMETER_SNIFFING Query Hint. The DBA at my client’s side had read my earlier summary post about parameter sniffing and wanted me to add more post which was not covered in the posts.

SQL SERVER - Disable Parameter Sniffing with DISABLE_PARAMETER_SNIFFING Query Hint disableparametersniffing-800x302

Before you continue this blog post, I strongly suggest you read the following posts to understand the context of Parameter Sniffing and why we want to disable it.

Now, let us discuss this query hint DISABLE_PARAMETER_SNIFFING.

Earlier I discussed that if you want to disable the parameter sniffing at the database level you can always disable it with the help of Database Scoped Configuration. However, there are moments one can face where they want to disable parameter sniffing at a single query. In those scenarios, you can use the query hint DISABLE_PARAMETER_SNIFFING.

Let us create the following stored procedure with a query hint and run them.

-- Let us run the original stored procedure
CREATE OR ALTER PROC GetCustomerOrders (@CustomerID INT)
FROM WideWorldImporters.Sales.Orders
WHERE CustomerID = @CustomerID

Now enable the execution plan for your SSMS session and run the stored procedure with two different parameters.

-- Sample Stored Procedure
EXEC GetCustomerOrders 1060
EXEC GetCustomerOrders 90

Now compare the execution plan and you will notice that instead of taking any one parameter, the stored procedures will run with the average data received from the statistics.

SQL SERVER - Disable Parameter Sniffing with DISABLE_PARAMETER_SNIFFING Query Hint scopedconfiguration

So essentially, when you use the query hint DISABLE_PARAMETER_SNIFFING for a stored procedure, it will disable parameter sniffing for that query or procedure. Now, do not think parameter sniffing is bad for your system, the matter of fact, it is enabled by the default shows that for most of the queries it is advantages. You should only disable it for certain queries with proper consultation. We discuss this in detail during the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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