Understanding State of SQL Server Monitoring 2019 Report

In 2018, Redgate launched the industry’s first-ever report into the state of SQL Server monitoring. It contained responses from over 600 SQL Server professionals giving them a unique insight into how they monitor their estates, the technologies they work with, and the biggest challenges they face. Recently they released the State of SQL Server Monitoring Report for 2019.

 The survey contains feedback from over 800 SQL Server professionals in over 70 different countries.

You can download the full report to delve into all the data and insights.  Here is a summary of what we can learn from our 2019 participants:

Understanding State of SQL Server Monitoring 2019 Report state-of-sql-server-monitoring-2019

1. What causes the largest number of issues?

While bad deployments and capacity problems are still causing issues, these have dropped since last year with human error having the biggest impact on SQL Servers in 2019. While there is a definite overlap in these areas, human error is more frequently attributed to the development side of the process rather than the deployment and management side.

2. How many SQL Servers are currently on your estate?

While estates are still relatively small, they are growing. In 2018, 37% of respondents had fewer than 10 servers and this year that has dropped to 33%. Those with 10-19 servers have also dropped by 5%, those with 20-49 by 3%.

3. How frequently does your organization deploy database changes?

The frequency of deployments continues to grow with most respondents (73%) deploying database changes multiple times per month. 41% expect this rate will continue to increase over the next 12 months (up from 38% in 2018), while the number expecting a decrease is down by 1%.

State of SQL Server Monitoring 2019 Report

Download a free 24-page report to discover the results, including:

  1. The impact the cloud is now having on SQL Server management
  2. The biggest challenges teams monitoring SQL Server face in 2019
  3. The most popular tool for managing SQL Server estates

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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