Database Diagram – Available Again in SQL Server Management Studio 18.1 Onwards

Database Diagram was one of the most popular features of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This feature was available in SSMS till version 17.9. However, the same was removed by Microsoft in version 18.0.

Many of my clients of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check who love the features of Database Diagram, did not upgrade to the latest SSMS. I have been asking my clients to upgrade to the latest SQL Server but many who depended on the database diagram did not upgrade it.

Finally, the good news is here when Microsoft has released new SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) V 18.1, which now have Database Diagrams and a few other enhancements.


Here is the link to download the latest version of SSMS.

Remember if you are using SSMS 17.x version, the new version SSMS 18.x will install side by side and will not upgrade the earlier version of SQL Server. However, if you are using 18.0 version of SQL Server and you want to upgrade to the latest version of SSMS v 18.1, it will automatically upgrade your SSMS to the latest version.

Database Diagram - Available Again in SQL Server Management Studio 18.1 Onwards databasediagram-800x616

Here are a few additional blog posts about SSMS features:

Finally, let me ask you one question. Do you use SSMS Database Diagram feature or do you use any other framework or design tools? I would be very much interested to know what you find most comfortable for your business and it would be good learning for everyone who is reading this blog.

Leave a comment with your favorite Database Diagram tool.

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  • I found 18.0 to be unusably buggy. Between the indefinite hang when you try to restore a database and select a *.bak file, to tabs failing to redraw properly when you clicked between tabs with the mouse, it was just too dangerous and unusable. I have no faith either of these huge massive problems are fixed in 18.1. I recommend people stay on 17.9

  • For a quick look at an individual table and to see everything connected to that table via foreign keys, I used database diagram.

  • Honestly, I’ve never used a 3rd Party tool for database diagrams, so I don’t know if there’s anything better than SSMS for this. I use SSMS Diagrams extensively to visually construct the relationships and I’m able to “see” the database this way. And I also use the diagrams to show users how the back-end data is related. It’s a critical tool that allows me to build a solid database. About a year ago, the bosses wanted to move away from all the Microsoft products and go with Open Source “free” products. I argued that SSMS and Visual Studio gave me all the great development tools I needed WITHOUT having to buy a hodgepodge of 3rd party dev tools. And then I heard the news that Diagrams were being discontinued — I was livid. So I never updated past v17.9.1 and I am now this morning getting an upgrade notification. I was happy to find your blog on this topic. Thank you – I read lots you for posts!

  • I use database diagrams for EVERY project that I work on as it is a great tool that automatically can make changes to the tables/relationships/keys/etc (in dev) and then I can generate the script changes.

    I didn’t upgrade SSMS when I heard they were removing it.
    I’m glad I found this blog post so I can finally upgrade.

    Thanks! Much appreciated

  • Yes, SSMS 18.4 has DB Diagram support but it crashes when person one 1 created diagram and person 2 tries to open it in that tool. And that is not fixed since v 18.1 How about that?!

  • manit chanthavong
    February 24, 2020 11:06 am

    Still very buggy in 18.4. it’s a disappoint the same bugs still exists.


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