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Unless you are staying under the rock, you would be familiar with Practical Real World Performance Tuning course. This is the second part about behind the scene story. You can read my first part here – Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Before the Class Announced. In this part of the blog series let us discuss about the reviews we received for this classes and fun we have during the session.

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Let us first start with a fun video. Practical Real World Performance Tuning is very fast paced and packed with lots of learning, there is not a single minute where we do not have fun. The goal of the class is to learn SQL Server with the practical aspects but never get bored. We want to make sure that we teach you the important subjects of SQL Server, in such a fashion that you never forget them. Instead of plain PowerPoint slides, we use analogies and shock therapy (to learn what is shock therapy, you will have to attend the class and experience it first hand).

When I am writing this blog post, so we have received 34 reviews. It is indeed a pleasure to see each of the 34 reviews is a 5-star review. It is very clear that attendees have loved the session and appreciated the hard work which we have put in.

Let us see some of the sample reviews –

Cindy Pieper says – 

“This was a great class and I believe that Pinal did a great job keeping the class interesting and on track. He encouraged student participation and that helped with the learning process. I thought I knew exactly how indexes use was determined but learned a huge gotcha at the end of the class”

Joe Titus says – 

Great training class; fast paced, with great examples. I thought I understood indexing somewhat, but Pinal does an excellent job explaining all aspects of index use and how they work. 

Hongbo Li says –

Very good overview that is valuable to folks new to the field and even seasoned practitioners. The instructor was very engaging and materials were carefully prepared.

Carl Bondenson says – 

I started in SQL Server many years ago. SQL 7 as a matter of fact. With over 30+ years in software design and system architecture, I was really blown away by Pinal’s candor about SQL Server, Microsoft, and the world of database architecture. 

Drew Furgiuele (PowerShell Expert) says – 

Pinal will teach you these things in a way you’ve never been taught them before, in probably the most engaging way possible… Pinal is probably one of the best presenters I’ve seen. This is a fantastic class, presented in the best possible way, by one of the best presenters, on a topic that relevant to anyone who’s working with SQL Server in any capacity. 

You can read more reviews from this link. There are many reviews which will give you an idea of how and what we cover during the class.

If you want to be part of this journey, you can sign up here: Practical Real World Performance Tuning

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