SQL SERVER – SSMS 17.7 Observation – Two Miscellaneous Category in Database Property Options

First of all this observation is only applicable if you are using SSMS 17.7 build. It was very interesting to me that I was able to find two Miscellaneous categories in Database Property Option for SQL Server. Please note the version of SQL Server which I have connected to SSMS 17.7 is also SQL Server 2017. If you try following on any other SSMS version you may not get the same results.

Now, first of all, please see the following image and answer the question – Why are there two Miscellaneous categories in SQL Server Management Studio under the options page for Database Properties?

SQL SERVER - SSMS 17.7 Observation - Two Miscellaneous Category in Database Property Options twomisc

To reach to this screen you have to Right Click on the Database and go to Database Properties. Once you go to database properties, the next action is to go to a fourth page (or tab) on the left side and scroll down to see the sections where there are two categories of Misc and Miscellaneous. If both of those are miscellaneous, I would have grouped them together under one section. Additionally, both the options under Misc sections are grayed out and we can’t change it.

I tried to reach out to multiple people to get the answer to this question but I have received no answer yet. I believe either this is a bug and something half-baked got released. Additionally, when we click them there is no additional help at all.

Let me know if you know anything about the new Misc section in database options properties? Leave a comment, please.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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