Developers – A Fun List of Things Related to Developer

Earlier in the month of December 2013, I have written few articles which were related to the Developer and fun stuff. In those articles I had asked if I have missed anything, which I should have in the article and missed or not. I have got quite a few suggestions in each of my blog post. I have collected a few of the obvious inclusion I should have in my list and missed over here.

Developers – Seven Foods Developers Love

I think I had got this one correct. There was not a single comment on this blog post, that means, my list was perfect.

Developers - A Fun List of Things Related to Developer junkfood

Developers – Top Ten Influential Movies for Developers – Add Your Favorite

Developers - A Fun List of Things Related to Developer devmov1

In this category I got quite a few entries. I am listing the one which I have obviously missed over here:

  • Terminator 2
  • Tron
  • War Games
  • Digital Fortress
  • Robocop
  • Total Recall

Developer – 10 Phrases Developer Use Too Often

The one which I missed here and obviously most of the readers pointed out was –

It works on my machine!

Developers - A Fun List of Things Related to Developer itworksonmycomputer

There are a few others, but I accept that I missed this obvious one!

Developer – Nine Things Developers Hate to Hear

In response to this article Dave Joseph came up with a few good ones.

  • Do you know what the root cause is ? ( well if i know, i will not be trying to find it, would i ? )
  • How long will take it to fix it ? ( you want to me estimate how long it will take to fix or work on fixing it ? ) We
  • Why is it so expensive ? is there anything on Open source ? ( well there is, but it’s cheap and work like crap)
  • We dont want to pay more for experienced staff, can we find someone cheap with lots of experience ( buzz word “experience’) …

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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