Blogging Best Practices – Checklist for Building Successful Blog – Part 6

Abstract of my Pluralsight Course Building a Successful Blog Module – Checklist for Building Successful Blog.

I hope everyone has learned a little or a lot with me through this whole course.  Even if you are already a professional blogger, my hope is that everyone could learn something.  I love blogging and the point of this course was to make it accessible to more people – because I believe that it is something everyone would enjoy.

Blogging Best Practices - Checklist for Building Successful Blog - Part 6 blog6

If you’re excited about starting a blog, here is a checklist for things to do to get one started.

  • RSS Feed or Email Subscription
  • Easy Navigation
  • Search Function in Blog
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Easy to Read Design
  • Traffic Analytics Tool
  • Legal Disclosures (Copyright, Trademark)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Intriguing Title
  • Interesting Lead in Story
  • Section (Header Tags) and Subsections
  • Precise Summary and Call to Action
  • Bullet Lists
  • Blog Length between 500-700
  • Inclusion of Image
  • Links to Earlier Relevant Blog Posts
  • Grammar and Spellings
  • Category and Tags

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, or have more questions about a particular topic, try out my course on Pluralsight, where I go into topics in much more depth!

If you’re still curious about blogs and blogging, check out my course on Pluralsight!

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