SQL SERVER – TechEd India 2013 Sessions and Relevent Pluralsight Courses

I am presenting at TechEd India 2013 two SQL Server session. You can read about my session in this blog post.

Yesterday I presented on topic SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting: Ancient Problems and Modern Solutions. Today I will be presenting on the subject Indexes – The Unsung Hero. If you are at TechEd India you must show up in my session – we will have fun talking about Indexes and performance tuning together. You can read about various details about the session over here.

However, if you are not at TechEd India 2013 and still want to know what I am going to cover in the session here is something you can do it. You can watch the following two of my Pluralsight courses which absolutely covers what I am going to talk about in TechEd India 2013.

SQL Server Performance: Introduction to Query Tuning 

SQL Server performance tuning is an art to master – for developers and DBAs alike. This course takes a systematic approach to planning, analyzing, debugging and troubleshooting common query-related performance problems. This includes an introduction to understanding execution plans inside SQL Server.

In this almost four hour course we cover following important concepts.

  • Introduction 10:22
  • Execution Plan Basics 45:59
  • Essential Indexing Techniques 20:19
  • Query Design for Performance 50:16
  • Performance Tuning Tools 01:15:14
  • Tips and Tricks 25:53
  • Checklist: Performance Tuning 07:13

The duration of each module is mentioned besides the name of the module.

SQL Server Performance: Indexing Basics

This course teaches you how to master the art of performance tuning SQL Server by better understanding indexes.

In this almost two hour course we cover following important concepts.

  • Introduction 02:03
  • Fundamentals of Indexing 22:21
  • Practical Indexing Implementation Techniques 37:25
  • Index Maintenance 16:33
  • Introduction to ColumnstoreIndex 08:06
  • Indexing Practical Performance Tips and Tricks 24:56
  • Checklist : Index and Performance 07:29

The duration of each module is mentioned besides the name of the module. You will have to login to watch above courses. 

So if you are going to miss my session at TechEd India, you still have a chance to catch up on what I am going to present by watching the Pluralsight courses listed above.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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