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I recently released a Introduction to ColdFusion video course on Pluralsight. The course is very well received and I have received a quite a lot of good feedback about it. However, one of the questions keeps on showing up in my email box is that users had no idea that I have worked with programming language ColdFusion and I am still a hands-on expert on this subject. In response to the most asked question – I have decided to write this blog post where I explain –

History of Pinal Dave and ColdFusion

SQLAuthority News  - Introduction to ColdFusion - Video Tutorial on Pluralsight juice

Everybody starts their learning from somewhere. I started in my early career doing a lot of different things. It is hard to forget what someone learns during their early career. When I was in college, I have worked 9 months at Juice (Smoothies) center. I still remember every single recipe of the juices. In my current trip to USA, I have surprised the Juice Maker (I do not know the technical word for anyone who prepares the juice – for coffee I know it is Barista), with my knowledge of the juice recipes.

History – ColdFusion and I

When I started my career in 2004, I was not the database developer. The matter of the fact, I was not allowed to take courses of Database in my graduate study stating the reason that I do not have all the prerequisites to take the database courses. The pre-requisite to take database course was the course called “Introduction to Programming”.  As I was electrical engineering student, I did not take any programming courses and hence no database courses. When I graduated I got very first opportunity to work as a System Administrator. The word system administrator is very nice as I was actually just doing installation of Windows on the machine. One month in the job, I learned that besides Windows, I have to learn to install ColdFusion to the system as the shop where I worked was using the programming language ColdFusion.

History – ColdFusion Books and Cleaning Week

SQLAuthority News  - Introduction to ColdFusion - Video Tutorial on Pluralsight cf-books

I always felt the name ColdFusion is very exotic as it sounds like nuclear processes. During annual “tidy up” week, where every desk owner had to clean up and remove useless stuff from the desk, there were many ColdFusion books of the earlier version in the garbage area. Out of curiosity, I picked up all the books and brought home. Few books were in the very shape and I had to process them properly using them.

History – Beginning ColdFusion

Now I had a total of 8 ColdFusion books of earlier versions. I installed ColdFusion on my machine and started to practice it. It was indeed fun language and I picked up quite a lot every day. Later in the office whenever I started to have free time, I started to practice various tricks and tips of ColdFusion. Very quickly I had moved from beginner to advanced beginner stage. Our organization has grown and we had few freezers in the organization. Now the situation was a bit changed, they were beginner and I was advanced beginner. Whenever Freshers faced any issue with ColdFusion they started to ask me a question . I loved it, it was a great pleasure for me to help them and gradually I started to spend more and more time helping people learn ColdFusion.

History – ColdFusion Certification and India Trip

During this period of the time, I was working in the USA. It had been almost 2 years since I visited India. It costed around USD 1000 to visit India in the year 2004. During this year, our organization had announced that whoever, who will pass the ColdFusion exam they will get USD 3000 as a salary increase. Remember this is salary increase and not one time bonus. It was quite a big deal at that time. I decided to take the ColdFusion certification exam and if I pass I decided to use the money to travel to India.

I passed the ColdFusion exam with Advanced status in very first attempt and visited India within 3 months from the time from the award money which I received as a part of my salary.

This is how my journey with ColdFusion started. 

Present – ColdFusion and Present Day

I am big fan of ColdFusion Technology – it is very easy to learn and it helps build the application at a rapid pace. Adobe has recently released its latest version 10. When I saw that Adobe has released the latest version and the next version is in the pipeline I look around for any books or tutorial and very quickly found out that there is not much educational material available for the latest version. There are many quality books on version 9, but not the latest version 10.

I have been keeping myself updated with this latest technology and have been helping users world-wide when they face issues with the technology. Later I decided to build a video tutorial which gives the user’s fundamentals of the language.

Now – Introduction to ColdFusion – Video Tutorial

I have build an over 2 hours of video on ColdFusion Programming Technology. I explained in detail how ColdFusion works and how quickly you can get going with ColdFusion Technology. If you are interested in ColdFusion technology, I suggest that you check out this video course. If you are not into ColdFusion, this may be still interesting course to go over. I have few free access code to watch the course. If you are interested in watching this course, I suggest you send me an email.

Here is the outline of the course. This is just a basic course to get users going on this subject. There may be advanced courses in the future where it covers more advanced concepts.

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to ColdFusion Markup Language
  • Conditional Processing with CFML
  • SQL Operations with CFML
  • Building First Data Driven Pages
  • Summary and Resources

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • અમિત પટેલ
    February 19, 2013 2:30 pm

    Coldfusion is my favourite too

  • Tim (@TimCunningham71)
    February 19, 2013 8:04 pm

    Really great to see you talking about ColdFusion Pinal

    If anyone would like a a free primer on getting started using ColdFusion please check out a community led tutorial.

  • Brad Wood (@bdw429s)
    February 19, 2013 10:27 pm

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been on your blog for years and never knew you did ColdFusion!

  • yes its really great to know that you did coldfusion .. whats even more interesting to read is that you were nowhere near programming or database till the year 2004 & by 2007 there were many like me visiting your sql authority site. On the contrary i am in this field from the year 1999 as a student as I have both graduate and pg in computer applications and you have gone way ahead of guys like me .. good. i fell happy telling my friends that i have once been interviewd by pinal himself

  • Hi,

    Very entertaining post. I enjoyed reading it.

    I will be very interested in watching your video (s) on ColdFusion. Please email me the access code via the email provided.

    Many thanks in advance.


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