SQLAuthority News – Who I Am And How I Got Here – True Story as Blog Post

Here are few of the sample questions I get every day?

  • “Give me shortcut to become superstar?”
  • “How do I become like you?”
  • “Which book I should read so I know everything?”
  • “Can you share your secret to be successful? I want to know it but do not share with others.”

There is generic answer I always give is to work hard and read good educational material or watch good online videos.

SQLAuthority News - Who I Am And How I Got Here - True Story as Blog Post letteri One of the emails really caught my attention. It was from a friend and SQL Server Expert John Sansom (Blog | Twitter). He wrote if I would like to share my story with the world about “Who I am and How I got Here”. I was very much intrigued with his suggestion. John is one guy I respect a lot. Every single topic he writes, I read it with dedication. I eagerly wait for his Weekly Summary of Best SQL Links. If you have not read them, you are missing something out.

Writing a guest post for him was like walking in memory lane. I remembered the time when I was beginning my career and I was bit overconfident and bit naive. I had my share of mistakes when I started my career. As time passed by I realize the truth. Well, we all do mistakes. Though, I am proud that as soon as I know my mistakes I corrected them. I never acted on impulse or when I am angry. I think that alone has helped me analysis the situation better and become better human being. During the course, I have lost my ego and it is replaced by passion. I am much more happy and successful in my work.

Quite often people ask me if I am always online and wether I have family or not. Honestly, I am able to work hard because of my family. They support me and they encourage me to be enjoy in what I do. They support everything I do and personally, I do not miss a single occasion to join them in daily chores of fun.

If there was a shortcut to success – I want know. I learnt SQL Server hard way and I am still learning. There are so many things, I have to learn. There is not enough time to learn everything which we want to learn. I am constantly working on it every day. I welcome you to join my journey as well. Please join me with my journey to learn SQL Server – more the merrier.

I have written a story of my life as a guest post. 

Read Here: A Journey to SQL Authority

Special thanks to John Sansom (Blog | Twitter) for giving me space to talk my story. Indeed I am honored.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Article Is Good One..As expected from Pinal sir…Yes,Sir You are right. even we possess some sort of ego.When We leave and think as one, we can achieve the ultimate treasure of being as “Human”.Thats what, we learnt here in this article.Thanks to Pinal and JohnSansom.

  • Dukagjin Maloku
    October 24, 2012 2:03 am

    Good job buddy … lot of the things here are very useful! Thanks for sharing your knowledge to the others!
    All the best,

  • Pinal, thanks for sharing a piece of your life and son many sql adventures. This post was by far my favorite because like you i have a 14-16 hours daily shift (in front of my computer), a 2 years old daugther + supportive wife and everyday dilemma of balancing my life between family, job and education.

    Your blog has become one of my main sources to keep growing in sql techniques. Thank you so much for your time.

    Best Regards
    Luis Cancino


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