Data Integration – Top 10 “Ease of Use” Features of expressor Studio

Data Integration - Top 10 "Ease of Use" Features of expressor Studio expressorstudio-wizard expressor Studio is a new data integration platform that is being marketed as the most easy to use tools of its kind.  But “easy to use” can be a relative term – an expert can find a very complex system easier, but a beginner might be stumped.  A recent article online discussed exactly what makes expressor Studio so easy use, and here is my view on this subject.

  • Simple Installation

There is one pop-up for one .exe file, and nothing more.  You can’t get much simpler than this.  It is also in the familiar Windows design, so there should be no surprises.

  • No 3rd party software dependency

Have you ever tried to download software, only to be slowed down by the need to download a compatible system to run the program, and another to read the user manual, and so on?  expressor Studio was designed specifically to avoid this problem.

  • Microsoft Office Like Ribbon Bar and Menus

As mentioned before, everything is in the familiar Windows design, from the pop up windows to the tool bars and menus.  There should be no learning curve for using this program, or even simply trying to navigate around a new system.

  • General Development Design Interface

This software has been designed to be simple and straightforward.  Projects can be arranged in a simple “tree” design, that is totally collapsible and can easy be added to or “trimmed” with a click of a button.  It was meant to be logical and easy to follow.

  • Integrated Contextual Help

This is a fancy way of saying that you can practically yell “help!” if you do get stuck on something.  Solving a problem is as simple as highlighting and hitting F1 for contextual help.

  • Visual Indicators and Messages

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where something has gone wrong before trying to complete a project.  expressor Studio has a built in system to catch mistakes and highlight them in a bright color, flash a warning message, and even disable functions before you can continue – and possibly lose hours of work.

  • Property Inputs and Selectors

Every operator will have a list of requirements that need to be filled in.  But don’t worry; you won’t have to make stuff up to fill in the boxes.  Each one will have a drop-down menu with options to choose from – but not too many as to be confusing.

  • Connection Wizards

Configuring connections can be the hardest part of a project.  But not with the expressor Studioconnection wizard.  A familiar, Windows-style menu will walk you through connections so quickly you’ll forget what trouble it used to be.

  • Templates

With large, complex projects, a majority of your time is often spent simply setting up the files and inputting data.  But expressor Studio allows you to create one file and then save it as a template, saving you hours of boring data input.

  • Extension Manager

Let’s say that you need a little more functionality or some new features on your program. A lot of software requires you to download complex plug-ins that need to be decompressed and installed.  However, expressor Studio has extended its system to an Extension Manager, which allows for quick and easy installation of the functionality you need, without the need to download and decompress.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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  • sakaravarthi J
    March 5, 2012 2:35 pm

    Hello sir,

    how do we know expected database backup size before taking backup.

  • Imran Mohammed
    March 6, 2012 9:00 am

    Hello Sakravarhi.

    You database backup will be almost the size of occupied space in data file(s) in that database. This is true for Full backups only. Again this is just my observation and calculation. Experts please comment.

    By the way, can you please post your questions under right article, so that we can keep this blog clean.

    ~ IM.

    • sakaravarthi J
      March 6, 2012 12:20 pm

      Thank you Mr Imran.
      I Just asked if there any mechanism available in SQL to know the backup size..

      Henceforth, i will surely post my questions under relative articles.
      sorry for this time..

      Thank you
      Sakaravarthi J

  • Muhammad Idrees
    March 7, 2012 10:54 am


    Sorry I have newly heard about ‘Expressor studio’. I want to know why we need “SQL SERVER Expressor Studio”, when we already have “Mictosoft SQL Server Management Studio”. Any database administration tasks you could done with this tool. So what will be the added advantage for this new tool?

  • Michael Tarallo
    March 8, 2012 9:18 pm

    Hello Muhammad Idrees,

    This short introductory video might shed some light on your question. It simply discusses some of the traditional data challenges and expressor’s approach to addressing them.

    So we are clear, expressor does not provide a database management tool. expressor software provides a simplified scalable Data Integration platform, used for extracting, transforming and loading data. Comparable to the capabilities that exist in MS SSIS BUT WITHOUT the complexity AND WITH a high degree of re-usability which reduces time and manual effort when creating data integration applications.

    The Semantic Data Integration Framework is our unique approach. This is what you do not have with MS SSIS.

    It provides an internal representation of data attributes, constraints, error correction and handling that also enables re-usability across different projects. The semantic approach can be viewed in more detail here.

    And a tutorial in greater detail is here:

    We also have expanded our reach into Business Discovery by providing innovative integration with and QlikView.

    You can find out more about our integration with QlikView here:

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Michael Tarallo
    Technology Evangelist
    expressor Software
    Twitter: @mtarallo


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