SQL SERVER – Denali CTP3 – Step by Step Installation Video – 200 Seconds

My recent article on SQL SERVER – Download Denali CTP3 and Denali CTP 3 Product Guide has inspired today’s post. After reading this blog post, I received a few emails and few comments on facebook page that if I can post a video guide to Denali CTP3 installation. Finally I create this video which is about how one can install SQL Server Denali CTP3. There is no audio in this video as the video is very simple and one can understand it quite easily.

Click here to watch the Denali CTP3 Installation Video on YouTube.

Let me know if you like the video I will post few more videos based on your feedback.

Download Denali from here.

Reference:  Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi


    It was great Stuff

    I’m getting error at while installing SQl SERVER 2008 R2 , checked on log files it was at SSAS Part
    any Help?

  • Thank you for the video sir.

    I am able to access SSMS after installation however, I am not able to access BIDS. Can you suggest me the possible solution for that?

    Also, Is it mandatory to change the root directory during installation? I have only one drive on my machine.

  • hi
    im getting win32 application error when click on setup.exe file

    any idea

  • Sorry Dave but I am not seeing the point of this video. Its seems you’re doing a basic install with defaults with no explanation as to why you changed the few things you did, therefore this video is just internet noise (delays people finding a more useful video that answers any questions they may have).

    I think you need to slow things down, add voice and explain what the options are. For example why you choose the mixed mode authentication, why you add the current user, why you install to D:, why you chose the RS options that you did (SharePoint vs standalone and can you change it after? – yes but what are implications), why you might not bother installing filestream and why you should etc.

    You didn’t cover two of the major mistakes people make when installing sql either, which is collation and file locations (and why they are important to configure during setup). Remember that many historic servers will be set up as SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS which is not the default on 2008 and I therefore doubt it is on Denali.

    Perhaps you should cover the correct choice of windows accounts to use in the services and the implications of getting it wrong plus the reasons for using a domain account.

    The installation routine is almost identical to 2008 so why not simply state this and cover the differences? For those who have not installed any SQL before this video is too rushed and for those who have it offers nothing new.

    Sorry to be so negative, I am sure you are aware that I regularly read and currently subscribe to your blogs which are awesome, very informative and often a great help (better than BOL), however this post isn’t one and the video is a bit of a let-down.

    I want to know about Denali from the people who have time to investigate it (without the day to day productive work that prevents research), but I need to know about the new features and advances and so far all I have seen is wrapper functions to the CASE statement. Surely there must be some new features to explore. Are there any new DMV’s? Has the data collector improved? Does the policy management feature still impact procedures that it shouldn’t? Have there been any advances in partitioning maintenance, query governor, or licencing (include partitioning / compressed backups at lower levels would be nice).



    David Bridge Technology Limited

    • David,

      I totally respect and appreciate your thoughts. There was big demand for this video so it is there.

      There are many who has not installed earlier version and this video is for who begins. The intention was not to state difference between earlier product and this product.

      The voice was not included to keep it simple and give idea to those who are beginners.

      Deep understanding and detail video is due when product goes RTM. This is for development server only.

      Kind Regards,

  • I did install Denali , Instance works great. I am having Problems connecting to it from a remore computer using SSMS 2008 , Is it necessary that we use SSMS Denali ?


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