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SQL SERVER - BI Quiz Hint - Performance Tuning Cubes - Hints cubedesign I earlier wrote about SQL BI Quiz over here and here.

The details of the quiz are here:

Working with huge data is very common when it is about Data Warehousing. It is necessary to create Cubes on the data to make it meaningful and consumable. There are cases when retrieving the data from cube takes lots of the time. Let us assume that your cube is returning your data very quickly. Suddenly on one day, it is returning the data very slowly. What are the three things will you to diagnose this? After diagnosing what you will do to resolve the performance issue.

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I required BI Expert Jason Thomas to help with few hints to blog readers. He is one of the leading SSAS experts and writes a complicated subject in simple words.

If queries were executing properly before but now take a long time to return the data, it means that there has been a change in the environment in which it is running. Some possible changes are listed below:-

 1) Data factors:– Compare the data size then and now. Increase in data can result in different execution times. Poorly written queries, as well as poor design, will not start showing issues till the data grows. How to find it out?

(Ans : SQL Server profiler and Perfmon Counters can be used for identifying the issues and performance  tuning the MDX queries)

 2) Internal Factors:- Is some slow MDX query / multiple mdx queries running at the same time, which was not running when you had tested it before? Is there any locking happening due to proactive caching or processing operations? Are the measure group caches being cleared by processing operations?

(Ans : Again, profiler and perfmon counters will help in finding it out. Load testing can be done using AS Performance Workbench (by running multiple queries at once)

 3) External factors:- Is some other application competing for the same resources?

 HINT: Read “Identifying and Resolving MDX Query Performance Bottlenecks in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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