SQL SERVER – Solution – Generating Zero Without using Any Numbers in T-SQL

SQL Server MVP and my friend Madhivanan has asked very interesting question on his blog regarding How to Generate Zero without using Any Numbers in T-SQL. He has demonstrated various methods how one can generate Zero. When I posted note regarding how one he has generated Zero without using number in my blog post for Free Online Training, blog readers have come up with few very interesting answers. I really found them very interesting and here I am listing them with due credit.

Special mention to Andery.ca as the answer Andery provided is the one, I myself come up with after very first look and that is why I had left the same as hint in the original article.


try this
select count(cast(null as int))
any false condition
select count(*) where ‘a’=’b’

Varinder Sandhu

It seems every currency symbol that SQL Server supports. Return the same value as zero

i tried some as

select €
 select ¥
 select £


select count(*)-count(*)

Vinay Kumar

Another way for generate zero.

select Ascii(‘Y’)-Ascii(‘Y’)
 select LEN(”)

I like Madhivanan’s answer. and it was awesome.

Reference:Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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